Lindisfarne Gospels

Once a month we spend a day in Archeon, an archeological themepark only 10 minutes from our house. Naturally, we "live" in the house from Dorestad and it dates from the years 800.
We go there to work... well, work... that is not really the correct word for this hobby. Yesterday I spent a lot of time on my Lindisfarne embroidery. This bird I am making here is one of the decorative celtic birds in this Gospel book and although it's not Viking, it is the same era.
Of course you remember how the Vikings raided Lindisfarne in 793....

again: click on the photos to get a bigger picture

Einarr made me this frame for Christmas and it is a miniature Viking tent! Cute huh?! It is very easy to fasten a project to the frame.

Initially I wanted to make a nice hand bag to use in camp but it's quite a lot of work and I guess it's a bit too fragile for a bag. A banner is probably better. Oh, btw, this is the Bayeux Stitch of course ;)

When it's finished I'll post a photo of the completed project.

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Racaire said...

...your embroidery looks very beautiful and I am very looking forward to see pictures of the finished project :)