Great photos from Eindhoven

Dear Folks,

Photographer Martijn Splithof made some FABULOUS photos of the Eindhoven Market, check out his site: http://www.inaeternum.eu/vf2008.htm


Game board

Einarr made a new leather game board during the Eindhoven weekend and I just wanted to show you this great photo. It can be used for Tafl and Fox & Geese.

The runes on the bottom of the board say "sit in friendship side by side".


Eindhoven Pentecoste market 2008

I can be brief folks, the market in Eindhoven was GREAT!
It started with a very small lavender plant which our viking-son Lars gave to me. "It is for Mother's Day" he explained "because you are my Viking-mum". Hey, I'm proud!!

Lars played a lot of Kubb with Einarr. The weather was great, perhaps a bit too hot, so our spot in the shade was perfect and on Friday there was still enough room to play.

Here's our tent and the beads and other thingies we sold

I did a lot of naalbinding....

And Einarr made a horn cup with a leather lid for bone die. What a happy weekend!!


Banner is done!!

Well, folks, here it is finally! The bird banner is DONE!

It took me a looong time to finish, mainly because I had so much fun making it that I didn't want that to end... and also the socks to complete all those costumes seemed more important.

The wind in my tiny garden makes the banner look slightly off but I'm sure your expert eyes know the banner is straight ;)



Socks for Lars are finished

Not much to write these days, we are busy preparing for the Vikingmarket in Eindhoven which will start this coming Friday. I was able to finish Lars' new socks on time, here they are! The heel is done in the Oslo stitch, there was no particular reason for that only that I liked the variation.

cheerio, Arda