Pink socks are done!

The pink socks I started eons ago are now finally done! I will wear them in my Iron Age shoes. The pink is cochenill, the yellow is onion dye and the blue is woad. The colours are very very bright and I had some doubts about the authenticity at first but apparently these are the real authentic Viking colours!


A bit of news...

Well, folks, this might be a surprise to you as much as it was to us... we are going to have a new member in our group somewhere in January!! Yup!!

So, I am naalbinding and sewing some mini-Viking clothes as we speak. We've ordered some authentic looking shoes as well for the new Baby Viking at Celtic Sheepskin

Here's a photo, aren't these shoes cute? The lace is modern so I plan to replace those but other than that I think nobody will complain about these booties.