Viking chests

We have all heard of the Mastermyr chest and the Hedeby harbour chest.
Here above you see the chests Einarr makes. The lids are flat so that you can sit on them in your camp!

The wood used here is French oak, the chests are 80€ for the small ones and 110€ for the big ones.

Archeon Vikingweek 2017

Hello my friends,

it has been a hectic few weeks! Not all of that was good, because we recently learnt that my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and at 82, he really is in no mood to start any treatment whatsoever.
It is painful and sad, but I respect his decision. So, now all we can do is wait...

In the meantime life goes on, even in these difficult times. The Dutch open air museum Archeon held their annual Vikingmarket again and after some debating we put up our tents in a quiet spot at the museum; the quite spot was mainly my wish. It wasn't very good for the sales though, but our old place next to the playing ground felt weird now that the mini-Viking is 8 years old and knows every chicken, goat, horse, nook and cranny of Archeon.

the kitchen

Svenja guarding her new territory

Last year, we replaced the old A-frame Viking tent, which had been in our possession since 2005. It really was time for a new tent. We decided to buy two smaller Anglo-Saxon getelds and use a smaller A-frame version to create a [sort of] living room. The poles of the getelds are much lighter and also the new living room poles are ligther and this gives us a lot more room to move with these tents.
We are still on the sunny side of 50, but not for much longer and carrying the heavy beams is a thing we began to feel. Seriously....

This is a camp we can manage better! Another thing we may change for next year: to bring Svenja or not to bring Svenja... that really is the question!

Having a dog in your camp can be quite charming. Cute even. The thing I noticed this year (and not so much last year) was her defensiveness of the camp. It was just too much for her. It was hard for her to settle down and relax, feeling she HAD TO defend us and the camp no matter what. It was sad to see and I think I am going to look for a dog-sitter next year.