Some changes

Dear all,

I am still working on a pattern for naalbinding, please bear with me. Things are hectic here. Also, we are going to cancel our website, but this blog will STAY!

Hopefully, this "downsizing" will also make me a bit more active again when it comes to posting and such.... I am very sorry for being such a bad host.

Here's a photo of Einarr on the battle field in Archeon last August.

The tunic he is wearing is the same one I decorated with tape woven trim, see my post dated 18 Jan 2008. Feel free to use the pattern!


Progress on the hangarok piece

Doing needlework on a tiny piece of linnen is not a good idea if you are moving and doing a life laundry at the same time. Things that small tend to disappear...
So, when I thought it was lost and gone forever, I found it again last week, yay!! I don't have to tell you what great fun it is to continue stitching this again.
Now, about these 'celtic' type images and designs, I have it on good authority that these animal designs are actually Viking! The spirals are authentically Celtic and much older, about 1000 years!! So I have nothing to worry about and will put this on my new hangarok.
Please send me your comments!

In a few weeks I will start a naalbinding tutorial again, any requests? I was thinking children's socks but let me know if you are interested in something else


New tunic

Back on track folks!

Here's a picture of Rune's new tunic. She is growing up fast and one of my friends, Patricia, made this tunic for her. I was too busy doing other things to make life go smooth again. Hopefully I can show my things again real soon.

The fabric is very thick and warm wool and the belt and trim are also wool, tape woven that is.


Still here...

Dear all,

This blog is still active!! But we are in the middle of moving and doing a "life laundry" so that we can get an easier and less busy life... and thus more time for costuming and blogging!
Bear with us please

Warm regards