More humble beginnings

The thing with me and crafts is that, although I am quick to understand the THEORY, it is difficult and sometimes impossible for me to master that same theory in practise....

Take naalbinding for instance. I've read a dozen books and tried even more often to make a decent sock or a pouch even. Nothing worked!

Earlier this year I took two "classes" with my friend Geeske, who is quite a genius when it comes to Naalbinding and now I am finally (Finalmente as they say in Italy...) beginning to see the lighthouse which is guiding me through the naalbinding storm...

This is the start of a sock, I used a pattern from Larry Schmitt's book "Lots of Socks" and yes in my opinion it is starting to look like a sock as well. Again, I have used very cheap wool until I feel I am good enough to use expense (and beautiful!!) handspun wool.

Oh well, I guess I only like things when they are difficult. Now, where have I heard that before?

greetz, Arda

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