Exhibition at RMO in Leiden

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) hosts an exhibition on Dorestad this year. We were invited to spice up the opening event.

Here's the link to the museum: http://www.rmo.nl/. Click on the top left corner to go to the English pages.

It was quite funny to be posing in front of an Egyptian sarcophagus.... but hey, Vikings travelled everywhere... ;)

Thanks to Pepijn Dousi for these fabulous photos!


Easter at Archeon

This year's Easter event was held at Archeon again and since the weather was so great, we decided to bring Rúna along as well. The audience in the museum loved her!

Here, big "brother" Lars holds her while she sleeps... aren't they cute?
On Saturday it was a bit too hot actually so the boys are playing Tafl behind the house in the shade. On Sunday it was a bit colder and better for us, really, we did a lot of crafts: leatherwork, cooking, archery, naalbinding and so on.


29th March, Rúna's first event

Hello friends,

This past Sunday the village of Leiderdorp celebrated their origins from the Roman era through the Dark Ages to the present day.
Tjursläkter was invited to spice up the Dark Age-bit, as you can imagine.

It was Rúna's first public appearance and she behaved like a princess! Enjoy the photos!