Purple tunic

Our group's treasurer Leif made this purple tunic for himself and then after a few years decided to sell it to me. It was too big for me, so after downsizing the sleeves and neckline I 'decorated' the tunic with yellow and light brown stitches as you can vaguely see hereunder. Leif started calling me 'lordess' after this, haha!

One important note: I don't know if the Vikings used purple. We know that in Medieval Europe purple was reserved for royalty but the Vikings were a breed apart in that sense. I've included this piece of costume therefore with a certain "poetic licence" and rest assured: I never wear this tunic when there is an audience.

You may not know this, but I can be a really foolish Viking sometimes. After a weekend of happy re-enacting I tossed this tunic in the laundry.... BIG mistake!! The yellow and light brown wool almost disappeared and what was left was about ten times smaller, leaving the neckline, bottom hem and sleeves looking ruffled and awful. Okay... now what?
Tape weave something nice? Ok, why not? I have gotten quite good at that and so I decided to buy some real wool (pre-shrunk!) in a lovely dark green and beige and I made the trim you see hereunder.

You can find the pattern for this trim in the next post =0)


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