10th annniversary

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary as Viking re-enactors! Yay! It had not even crossed my mind until I saw this photo of our first event in 2004

It is truly unbelievable how much we have learnt these past ten years, how many people we have met and how many friends we have made. I am grateful for all the things we have seen and done, and the events we went to. Here are a few photos of those times & events

It is time now to broaden our horizons and travel to some more far-away places! The little Viking is growing up and is a better traveller these days. We will keep you updated of course. So, now to complete the photo "tour", this last photo was taken at the Easter event 2014.

Happy anniversary I say! Have a glass of mead on us!!


Hangarok embroidery

Well, I can't call myself Speedy Gonzalez, but at least this embroidery for my new hangarok is finally done! This just wasn't on the top of my to-do list, however, the finished piece turned out to be quite pretty.


Red & pink

Our daughter started this tape woven band last year. Yes, you read that right: last year.
But at the age of 5 (then 4!) children have a very very short attention span.... so she dropped it after two days. Still, the results aren't bad, I think she did a nice job here.

I dug up this band yesterday and I have found a nice destination for it. She got a nice soft green woolen tunic from someone, as their own child had grown out of it. The tape will go on that tunic!! I have to finish it first though, I will show you the finished items soon. Here's the pattern for you know to use & enjoy.

Hey, it feels good to be blogging again!!


Is it August already??

Goodness, time flies! It has been too long since I last wrote a post. And it is already August again. At the moment I am sewing some new Viking clothes and, as you can see, she has become our cooking specialist. Here we have onion soup with grass and stones. Yes, stones....
Anyway, we're fine and looking forward to another market in Archeon! Pics will follow soon.