Thorsberg trousers

Einarr has been wearing the same Rus-vik style pants for a while now and he wanted something new.

The wide Rus-vik pants!

Although the 4th century Thorsberg trousers are too early for the 'real' Viking era, I decided to try them anyway.

A friend gave me a pattern and I made these trousers you see Einarr wearing here in less than 2 hours. To be honest, it was a little too easy in my opinion.... and I got suspicious.... my version came out more looking like a pyjama style pants and I began to doubt the pattern. Admittedly, the pants were comfortable and a nice addition to Einarr's Viking clothes but still.... I used real linen of course and with a tunic covering his butt the seams aren't visible.

Thorsberg pants

Then I found this great website: http://urd.priv.no/viking/bukser.html

I am just going to copy the link here, it is a must-read.

Apparently, this is what the pattern should look like.....

Ha! Something to sink my teeth in!! It is clear to me now that the pattern I was given by my friend is not entirely authentic, mainly where the back of the pants are concerned, and so it is back to the drawing board I say! To be continued!


It is seriously scary how time flies! I thought I had updated this blog last week, but as it turns out, it was last year.....
Dear dear readers, I cannot even begin to think what you might think of me as a blogger.
With regards to us as Vikings, this past year we haven't been as active as we would've liked. Life just happened around us. We sold our old tent (ha! within 3 minutes on FB) and because we hadn't purchased a new tent yet we weren't able to go to quite a few events. We were daytripping to most events in our area. The picture you see here was taken by an unknown photographer, in fact as you can see we weren't even aware the photo was taken. It was in Archeon at the annual Viking market. Our little Viking queen is growing up fast as you can see (and still holding on to her naalbound dolly!!) and there is the other addition to our family: our beautiful dog Svenja.