The new season is right around the corner and our mini-Viking will come along with us of course, but not without some appropriate toys! Not much was excavated from the Viking era, only some wooden horses. We decided to just make something up.

The wicker lady from Archeon made this lovely rattle for Rúna. Inside there are seven little pebbles to guard her from the seven sins. This is of course very 15th century but a lovely touch nonetheless.

Then I found this horrible linen duck at only 2 euro (about $ 2,50). It was the fabric I fell for because the quilt wings are ugly. But I knew I could turn this into something Viking looking with some embroidery.

I removed the wings first. Then a tape woven necktie and red embroidery around the beak made it more Viking already and the duck needed a new pair of eyes too; so a bit of darker linen and yellow blanket stitch did the trick!

Feel free to steal this idea folks, you'll have happy kids in your camp! Rúna gave the duck a big hug when I gave it to her ;)


Winter projects

Re-enactors often use the winter for finishing projects and starting new ones. The picture here above is Renz' tunic which I finally-finally-finally finished!

This is my old white undertunic. It needed some mending and I added some blue/white tape woven trim while I was at it, just to spice it up a bit.

This is really 'la pièce de résistance'. The embroidery on my new undertunic is from a stone carving found in Kiev and dates back to the 900s. Perfect for a collar!

As you can see, I've been productive this winter :)