Humble beginnings

I took a course in Tablet weaving last year but haven't started any new projects since, simply because I have been too busy with other things.

In the past few days I flipped through the hand-out again and I decided to take just 6 cards and make a small band in a very simple pattern.

Even with only 6 cards and a year between instruction and action the art of table weaving proves to be difficult, as you can see by the start of this trim on the left... yes I messed up there, but after wrecking my brains a bit more I finally got the hang of it again. Yay!!

Einar made me this weaving loom, I'm sure you will recognise this from the Oseberg find and this is the "table version" including my name in runes.

I will post the pattern later this week, greetz, Arda

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