Tape weaving

Dear all,

Well, it has finally come to this...: Arda has started her own blog as well. Many people have asked me to make pamphlets about the crafts I do, but in all honesty the only thing I do really well is cook, tape weave and sew... the rest is just plain awful. You see, I am good at explaining things, at understanding the theory but this does by no means mean I can MAKE things myself. Hey... I can't help it, I'm a teacher...
My nalbound socks are hideous and don't look like socks and my tablet woven trim is non-existent till this day...ahem! My spinning... well don't get me started on that.

No, no, this is not lack of self-esteem, this is knowing yourself!

So, if you keep track of this blog you will be able to read all about me trying these crafts. Because that is what I will do, TRY. No promises about the results.

Tape weaving is called "band weven" in Dutch and here's a great link:

I'll be posting more here soon.

best, Arda

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