Socks are DONE!

Boy, am I PROUD!!! The socks are done and they turned out really well, no, GREAT!

They are warm and comfortable too! On to pair two, because I intend to make socks for Einarr as well =).

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I have so much (non-authentic) wool at home I can make socks for decades to come and I am really inspired to make more, so keep an eye on this section of the blog.
greetz, Arda


Anonymous said...
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Machteld said...

Oh, these look so comfy!!!

When did people wear this?

Einarr & Sigarda said...

Hi Machteld, since knitting was invented somewhere in the 15th century and crochet isn't invented until the 17th century, the technique of naalbinding dates before the 15th century. Many socks were excavated in the so-called Viking area, but also naalbound socks were found in Egypt! So these socks date from the Iron Age till the 12th century, roughly of course.