More sock news

Well, here's a bit of sock news for you!

I managed to finish the toe-part of the sock in just one evening. It is incredible how easy Larry Schmitt's 'Simple Sock' is and with the wool being so thick it is really great fun to learn this craft of naalbinding!

All that is left to do is the heel-part of the sock and I can start making sock number two. It is important, I have noticed, to keep careful track of any alterations that you make whilst making the sock. The pattern in Schmitt's book is excellent, yet for a perfect fit you need to make a few changes. Make sure you write those down otherwise the second sock of the pair will be different and we won't want that of course.

I have it on good authority that this really thick Coda Merinho wool is not authentic enough. Be that as it may, I am very much enjoying making these socks!

Apparently, excavated socks were made of a less bulky yarn and very often the threads were not even twined. Okay, so noted, but I'm going to use these socks in camp nonetheless.

When it is done I intend to use a nice blue or brown for a decorative edge, but let's finish the pair first!

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