New winter tunic for Lars

Little vikings grow up ...

Lars is our 'adopted viking' as you might remember and each time we see our nephew it is a miracle to see how much this guy grows! Last winter I made him a kaftan, and of course it doesn't fit him anymore. One of Einarr's aunts found some great molton in her attic which was perfect for a warm tunic for Lars.

The molton was white initially, so with the help of some Dylon I dyed it a lovely soft green. Molton is a very thick wool and you don't have to hem it since it does not fray. I love that stuff because it gives you the opportunity to make a quick tunic for children who grow up fast... you can make a new piece of clothing in no-time this way!

I made the tunic in children's size 158 which should be big enough for Lars to use until December of this year at least, but you never know ...

When the garment was finished I used some threads of embroidery wool to embellish the collar. I hope he likes it!

Lars can test his tunic next month when we will have an early spring weekend in the north of our country. We've named the weekend Nord Setur, which means 'settlement in the north'.
I'm sure though that Lars won't be cold in this!

greetings, Arda

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