Einarr's socks are done as well

This weekend, during the Archeon Easter weekend, I managed to finish Einarr's socks. Whilst sitting by the fire in the Dorestad barn, I finished all of the socks but the heels on Saturday.

It is quite 'annoying' when museum visitors call this beautiful craft crochet, but hey, who I am to enlighten the ignorant? No, seriously, I always diligently explain to them that it is not crochet, but the ancient craft of naalbinding. But I can't help but feel like the proverbial broken record when telling this for the zillionth time...

As I said, I finished Einarr's socks without the heel on Saturday as you can see hereunder.

The rest of the Sunday, I managed to finish the rest of the socks, i.e. the heel parts. Einarr wore the socks all day on Monday and found it difficult to part with them when we got home Monday evening ;). Here he is wearing them with the leg straps he has for the Rusvik pants.

Einarr said they socks are indeed as comfortable as they look!

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