Archeon Easter Viking weekend 2008, day 2

The second day at Archeon, Easter Sunday, started as any normal day, a bit cold in March but for the rest rather uneventful. We lived in the Dorestad barn again, doing our crafts and for lunch Einarr made a lovely vegetable soup.

The audience was very nice this day, and we got some really nice guests in our house. But then... at about 2 pm, it began to snow...

It was fabulous!! The picture you see hereabove is right across the pond from the Dorestad barn, the view is the 15th century houses and the two oxen.

Then some more snow fell... it was getting better and better! Bad weather was expected, yes, but in our opinion this was not bad weather!! Sitting by the fire this was quite romantic. Re-enactment bliss!

This is another view from one of the Dorestad windows, on the Iron age farms. Oh yeah, and I managed to finish Einarr's socks.

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