Over the past few weeks I made a new sewing pouch for myself. The initial A is of course inspired by the Bayeux tapestry and the pattern comes from this book: http://www.amazon.com/Broderie-viking-Edition-Marie-Catherine-Nob%C3%A9court/dp/2283585082

The book has lovely patterns and this is from a sampler.

Here's the finished version of my new pouch. Naturally the little Viking princess wants one too, now that mine is done, so we spent an hour or so to pick out a pattern and design something especially for her.

On both projects I have used linen fabric and the needlework is done entirely out of wool on my pouch and on Rúna's pouch it is wool combined with linen. It doesn't really matter what you use, as long as you use natural materials (AND fitting with the Viking age). Sewing with little children usually means you will use the colours they like...authentic or not.... ;)

If you look at the alphabet in the book, it's the R and B combined. The tree in the B is too dark to her taste, so we are making pink roses! It is a fun project to do together with her!

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