Hello Folks,

Well, it has been a while! 2013 started in a wonderful way for us with the Archeon Winter Banquet. Above you see a photo of our little queen having a lot of fun in the snow! She is growing up fast so I am back sewing costumes again for her. It is fun and I am glad to have found the time again to make things for her. The Banquet itself was as usual exquisite! The Archeon chef has performed miracles in the kitchen and inspired me to start cooking historical recipes again myself, but more about that later.

I made several trousers for Rúna to play in, a dress is not the most comfortable garment to play in of course.

To save time I bought a hood for her, she is wearing it here for the Easter Archeon Market. It is dark orange and yellow wool. It is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Buying a hood gave me the time to do some embellishing and I added an Urnes style animal. Rúna thinks it's a deer and I actually thought it was a dog.... Anyway, it in the well-known Bayeux style embroidery of course!

More to come soon!

regards, Arda

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