A new Viking!

Dear Folks,
Our daughter Rune Gjilke was born on January 29th! We are very happy :)
But, I guess, posting on this blog will be a bit difficult within the next few weeks/months so please be patient. There will most definitely be new projects and such in the future!!

Within our Viking-group Tjursläkter Rune will be called Rúna Einarsdottir.


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seneris said...

Congratulations! She looks lovely. Enjoy her.

Sandra Moek said...

Hallo mama Sandra en papa,
Van harte gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van jullie dochter!
Veel geluk samen toegwenst door Sandra Moek, Grolloo.

Žabacorporation said...

Heavy congratulations to you and wish of great Viking heart and a brave and loving Viking husband in the future for Runa!

Helene said...


Just to warn you - in Scandinavia Rune is a common male name. Runa however is the female form.

Einarr & Sigarda said...

Dear all, thanks for the good wishes. Rune is doing great at only 3 weeks of age :). Thanks Helene also, we knew Rune is the male form of this name in Scandinavia... it just sounds great in Dutch as a girl's name... but hey we are not very objective of course these days ;)!!