A baby in camp

Of course having a baby is life changing but having a baby in camp is probably an even bigger challenge. We both really want to continue with living history so to give us some room to move we've decided to make the little one "history proof" as well. The first step was to buy this wicker crib and our cat Sensei shows us here it is very comfy! This crib is most likely not authentically Viking but it's not bad in our opinion.

I'm now looking into mini-clothes for the baby, but at the same time I realise they grow out of that so fast, and they sleep most part of the day. So perhaps dressing up this crib with Viking blankets is a better strategy.

Hints and tips are welcome!


Evert said...

Hoe lang nog?

Einarr & Sigarda said...

ergens rond de 20e van deze maand :)

Evert said...