Bits 'n pieces bag

The thing with making Viking clothes, or any other type of clothes for that matter, is that when the garment is finished there are a lot of left-over bits and pieces of the fabric. After making several costumes I ended up with a basket with a lot of remnants and since (to my knowledge) Vikings didn't quilt I decided to use the rest of a winter tunic and what was left of Einar's legwraps into a bag

The broad leg wraps make this a comfy bag to carry around sore shoulders. After weaving and cooking all day, Viking women deserve comfortable shoulder straps, yay!

The tablet woven trim is not fantastic, but it's alright for a bag. This was just a trial piece for a nice trim I want to make for one of Einar's tunics. I've used a simple cotton here and as you can see it starts to wear quickly. The colours are white and burgundy. I am not going to use cotton on Einar's tunic, we are still looking for nice wool.

I've been playing hookey with this bag, to be honest, because I sewed a zipper inside to make sure my camera and such stay where they should stay.... inside the bag.... I've seen too many "accidents" with bags which were a bit too authentic. Well, I prefer to keep my belongings!

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