Hello everybody,

I see that again this post is horribly late and again life got in the way. It is what it is. Right after I wrote the post about Einarr's oak chests we found out my father has lung cancer. Needless to say none of us took that very well, least of all my dad. It is still an emotional roller coaster but we are slowly getting back to regular life and crafts, yes, there is also time for crafts again.

The naalbound husband my daughter requested to accompany her naalbound Viking lady is almost, almost finished. Yes, you are allowed to say: "it's about time too!". I wholeheartedly agree!
Here are some photos.

As usual in these cases, I am not using a pattern because I just made this up as I went along. I can tell you though that I made all four limbs using the round start, see here the YouTube instructions for that:


Please bear in mind that for the doll I did NOT work with my thumb! I thought the stitches would become too wide and the doll filling would come out, so I made the stitches very small using the needle and not my thumb for correct measurements.

Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have questions

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