Ylvi needs a husband...

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while, probably remember that I made a doll with the naalbinding techique for my daughter. 

It has been 6 years now and recently she (my daughter) declared that she (the doll) could no longer be single so I had to make a husband. Well... ok then! 

We went to the market to buy some cream coloured wool and I got to work. This is probably the easiest husband I will ever make for my daughter (*giggle*)!

There really is no pattern. All I do is start with a round start (or Josephine knot). You can watch an introduction clip of that here on YouTube!

And then I just continue, making the arms and legs as thick as my fingers. The upper body of the husband (we've decided to call him Gunnar) is a bit longer than Ylvi's, so he is a bit taller. Other than that he is the same.

Gunnar's legs were started with his boots, which I made with a few left over strands of darkbrown wool. I attached those to the legs, like I did with Ylvi because I always see dolls with just one shoe and that is a shame with handmade dolls, imho.

I will keep you posted on Gunnar's development!

Ylvi patiently waiting for Gunnar
Gunnar is still half a man...

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