Red & pink

Our daughter started this tape woven band last year. Yes, you read that right: last year.
But at the age of 5 (then 4!) children have a very very short attention span.... so she dropped it after two days. Still, the results aren't bad, I think she did a nice job here.

I dug up this band yesterday and I have found a nice destination for it. She got a nice soft green woolen tunic from someone, as their own child had grown out of it. The tape will go on that tunic!! I have to finish it first though, I will show you the finished items soon. Here's the pattern for you know to use & enjoy.

Hey, it feels good to be blogging again!!

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KP said...

My daughter is just turned 6 years old and I think her attention span is similar. She enjoys making loom-bands but she can lose interest if it takes too long :-)