Naalbound bear

Okay, okay, okay.... I know naalbound toys weren't found. Only those two wooden horses. But can you blame me?

I started at the top, with the bear's head. A Josephine knot and then 7 stitches in the loop. After this, I increased until I had the right shape and continued in the Oslo-stitch. You can easily do this yourself, all you need to decide is how big you want the bear to be. This is the head

I just made the bear up as I went along, you know, no real pattern just do what I felt like. I made an extra circle of green wool to create a soft and big tummy on the bear. The legs and hands will be half red/half green, to create an image of unity on the entire toy. I have said this before: toy making isn't just for the kids, it is just as much fun for Mummy!!

This is the trial face. I used some old flannel to see how it turned out. Runa thought it was cute, so I'll use some decent Viking-linen to make the real bear face.

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