Mini Viking Lady

Little girls grow so fast, I don't have to tell you... Our Rúna had no costumes yet, apart from the kaftan my mother made a few weeks ago. So, I decided to make a dress and a hangarok for her because of the coming Whitsun weekend in Archeon.

I took a rectangular piece of left over fabric and cut out a drop-shaped bit to create the basis of the dress.

See the basis of the dress here.... All I needed to do next was cut out the neck line.

The extra slit is to make sure Rúna's head fits, I will use some simple buttons to fasten it.

For the dress, I only needed to sew the side seams. This is really a quickie pattern!
Some fabric was also left from the kaftan and I'm using that for a hangarok. I've used the dress as a 'pattern guide'.

I'll show you the finished dress and hangarok soon!

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cathyr19355 said...

Elegantly done! Maybe it's not as authentic as some designs, but it's quick, and when you have a child as young as Runa making clothing quick is a virtue.