New Rusvik hat for Einarr; part 2

I've made some progress on the bird for Einarr's hat. This Wednesday I will go to our downtown market to buy some rough looking linen, as wool is too warm for him. I hope to show you the finished hat soon!


Constance said...

Wow! that looks beautiful well done.

what stitches did you use in the middle and for the edging??

It looks really good.

Machteld said...

It's beautiful!

Einarr & Sigarda said...

hi Constance, i used a simple backstitch in the middle, and when space allowed it a double row of that same stitch.
Thanks for your comments Machteld ;)

Constance said...

Thanks for your offer about the bayeux tapestry stuff.

My email is pixieleigh72@yahoo.com.au



Racaire said...

very lovely :)

Caroline said...

That's absolutely wonderful! May I ask, where did you get the motif? Thanks!