New socks!

I've started on two pairs of new socks during the Nord Setur weekend and I would like to show them to you here, eventhough they are not finished yet.

The first pair you see on the left is for our nephew Lars. I don't have to tell you how fast kids grow and the naalbound socks he bought at the Pentecoste Market last year are becoming too small, so I've started on a new pair for him. I'm using two strands of wool, cream and dark green. It makes the socks thick and warm. I'm making these a bit too big so that he can grow into them. I bought this wool in the shop, so the dye and such is 'modern'; but I love the authentic look of the mix of two colours!

The pink pair of socks is for me, aren't they perfectly girlie? :D
I ordered the wool last week from Liesbeth Slegh in Sweden who makes fabulous home spun and home dyed wool [see also their link on the right]. The pink you see is what she made from Värmland sheep wool dyed in Cochenill! The colour is wonderfully bright.
The blue is a bit of wool I bought from Marlies the Weaver in Archeon and is dyed with woad. The yellow is dyed with onion.

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