Odin bag finished!

Yay! It's the first day of our Christmas holiday and I was indeed able to finish the bag today!! I'm quite pleased with the results. The shoulderstrap is about 4ft long, long enough for both Einarr and myself to use it as a "shopping bag" ;)

Oh and yes, that is REAL snow on the plant.... MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!

cheerio, Arda


Museum visit

Last Sunday our club went to the Viking Information Centre on the ex-island Wieringen. It is a tiny museum about the excavations and finds on this small former island. The Vikings used the island as a stop on the way to Dorestad. There were plenty of coins, swords, bones, jewellery and such on display.

A personal favourite was a replica of this tunic and tablet woven trim. This trim is beautiful! I don't know if it was actually found here on Wieringen but that didn't dampen my spirits.

As you can see, the clothes are made in an authentic Viking way and this dummy even wore nalbound socks!!



Last year we spent a lovely weekend at the Open Air Museum in Eindhoven. One early morning, after breakfast and before the museum opened its gates, a mother duck and her baby duck approached our table and begged us for bread. Well... begged.... they practically stole it off the table haha! They were very cute and it was easy to feed them; the baby duck wasn't shy at all.
This little bit of footage still brings a smile to my face, I hope you enjoy it too.

This is one of the best things about re-enactment... the environment and the animals...


A new bag

During our Vinter Natten weekend (winter nights) which we annually hold at the end of October, Einarr did some experimenting with leather decoration.

Click on the photo to get a better look of his Jelling style dragon!

Vinter Natten is something I can recommend to every viking. It is a weekend without audience so enough time to try some new projects or crafts and there's always too much food and talk were Tjursläkter is concerned.

greetings, Arda


A bit of progress

With our schedules being so hectic, I can only show you a little bit of progress on the bag I am making. The design is now finished, I hope to be able to use the Christmas holiday for some finishing touches and stuff...
Will keep you posted
greetings, Arda