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Last Sunday our club went to the Viking Information Centre on the ex-island Wieringen. It is a tiny museum about the excavations and finds on this small former island. The Vikings used the island as a stop on the way to Dorestad. There were plenty of coins, swords, bones, jewellery and such on display.

A personal favourite was a replica of this tunic and tablet woven trim. This trim is beautiful! I don't know if it was actually found here on Wieringen but that didn't dampen my spirits.

As you can see, the clothes are made in an authentic Viking way and this dummy even wore nalbound socks!!

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Jan-Simon said...

Nice to see you enjoyed the exhibit.

The clothes were made in a combined effort by members of Byfrost and Die Landen van Herwaerts Over (LHO).
The viking-man was done by the LHO, the frisian-woman by Byfrost.

The dummies serve as examples of the clothing that was worn in those days, the clothes are generic. As far as I know, no clothingfragments have been found on Wieringen.

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