A bit of news...

Hiya folks,

Well, this blog has been silent for too long; this is because we are both swamped in work. Money-that-pays-the-rent-work that is, so boring and stressful but necessary nonetheless!

There is not much time left to finish our projects and/or take photos of the finished results. We did find time, however, for an Herb Workshop last weekend and I am happy to post two photos here.

Here's Einarr making a Calendula cream to heal and disinfect small wounds. He works with his hands and also his craftwork is all done by hand as you might know, so small scratches and scars plague his hands often.

Here I am making Rose Showergel. The focus of the Herb Workshop was Scandinavian Herbs, so herbs the Vikings might have used as well.

Take care, we'll post again when things at work settle down.

Greetz, Arda

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