Thorsberg trousers

Einarr has been wearing the same Rus-vik style pants for a while now and he wanted something new.

The wide Rus-vik pants!

Although the 4th century Thorsberg trousers are too early for the 'real' Viking era, I decided to try them anyway.

A friend gave me a pattern and I made these trousers you see Einarr wearing here in less than 2 hours. To be honest, it was a little too easy in my opinion.... and I got suspicious.... my version came out more looking like a pyjama style pants and I began to doubt the pattern. Admittedly, the pants were comfortable and a nice addition to Einarr's Viking clothes but still.... I used real linen of course and with a tunic covering his butt the seams aren't visible.

Thorsberg pants

Then I found this great website: http://urd.priv.no/viking/bukser.html

I am just going to copy the link here, it is a must-read.

Apparently, this is what the pattern should look like.....

Ha! Something to sink my teeth in!! It is clear to me now that the pattern I was given by my friend is not entirely authentic, mainly where the back of the pants are concerned, and so it is back to the drawing board I say! To be continued!