New hangarok

To my surprise I found some left-over grey wool which was enough for a new hangarok for Rune. It was only an hour's work and the 'turtle brooches' are actually buttons from the
haberdashery!!! Ain't life grand when everything comes together :)


Meet Ojo or Wickie

Well, my dear friends, meet Ojo **, the finished naalbound teddy bear I made for Rune. The face I made last week was just a trial face, but not really all that bad so I found some nice linen and created a similar face - or rather: bear snout. It turned out really well.
The ears were made of a simple Josephine knot with a few extra stitches in the second round.

Rune absolutely loves her bear!

** July 7th: Rune has decided the bear should be named Wickie...