Ziggy zaggy trim finally finished!!

Phew! Double phew!! I guess I'm not very talented when it comes to tablet weaving, or perhaps I am just a slow starter, but I am very very relieved and also proud that the zig-zag trim is finally finished!
I put the trim on Einarr's red tunic just this morning and needless to say, I am pleased as punch!


Some more trim

Now that our miniature Viking Lars has become an official member it was time to brighten up his tunic, so I made some more tape again ;). Enjoy the photos and pattern!


New workman's shirt

Einarr needed a new shirt to do his crafts in and last Archeon market we bought some lovely linen from Ameli and Hajo. During the Christmas holiday I finally had time to finish the shirt but when Einarr put it on I noticed that the colour was a bit too pale for him, so for a quickie solution I opted for a narrow trim around the collar.

Like I have said before, tape weaving is great if you need quick 'decoration' of your clothes.

Here's the pattern, please feel free to use it.


Oh happy dagger!

And of course my new dagger got a brand new sheath as well, I love it!

Old sheath made new

During the Christmas holidays Einarr finally found some time to "pimp up" an old sheath. It didn't take long for him to decide on the design!

His complaint was, however, that this leather was old and already used. It is best to use new un-used leather. This leather was too soft and treated too many times with oils and water so not easy to work on.
Hope you like the details as well!

greetings, Arda